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It’s likely that your business isn’t industrial networking, and it shouldn’t be. You make products, design systems, or manage some process. Whatever it is that you make, monitor or install, the process inevitably creates data. If you’re a control engineer and your plant has been around for a few years, your line is probably littered with devices that send out all kinds of data over many different protocols. If you’re an automation device developer you probably have customers that need to move your data into some other network. Either way, you’ve got a device conversion problem.

I feel your pain… and rather than just my sympathy, I have a solution for you. You see, while your business may not be moving data around a factory floor, mine is. In fact, it’s all that we have done for over twenty years now. Our gateways are the perfect tools to help you move your data where, when, and how you want. Let us help with your next project, I guarantee you won’t regret it.


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Real Time Automation, Inc. has worked on various projects for us in the past year. In all cases the quality of their work has been outstanding and their attitude, integrity and work ethic have been exemplary. We plan to continue to count on RTA, Inc. for their excellent support as we grow our business.

– Jack Azout, Cutler-Hammer / ESI de Colombia
Managing Director

I have found RTA, Inc.'s knowledge of PLC networks, especially DeviceNet and SDS, to be extremely valuable. Their years of experience allowed them to develop plug-in modules to our specifications more quickly and less costly than an in-house development. Along the way RTA, Inc. provided quality documentation and hardware, well-debugged software and a friendly communicative attitude. We will continue to use RTA, Inc. in the future."

– Doug Ambos, RVSI Acuity CiMatrix Product Development Manager

It is seldom that you come across companies which share the same determination as your own. RTA, Inc. has worked very closely with our staff and has not only developed products to help increase sales but also helped to improve our products for the marketplace. I feel that RTA, Inc. is truly an extension of our company.

– Rob Matthes, Balluff Inc. Product Manager

Our business unit has worked with John Rinaldi and his team at Real Time Automation, Inc. in an on-going relationship over many years. They have assisted us in the development of communication sub-systems for our graphic terminals and in various other development efforts. We plan to continue our relationship and recommend them to others who desire a competent, professional engineering service provider." Randy Marquardt, Rockwell Automation

Director - Product Development Engineering Electronic Operator Interface Business

Our first experience using RTA, Inc. has been a resounding success. The development proceeded smoothly and the delivered product meets all specifications. RTA, Inc. kept us well informed throughout the course of the project, applying good project tracking and development/testing status reporting tools. If an unexpected issue arose, they solved it quickly or advised us accurately as to when to expect a solution. RTA, Inc. also provided training to our in-house maintenance department and to our customer support center as the development completed. Overall, a great team to work with!

– Project Manager, PLC Manufacturer