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460 Gateway

  • Connets up to 32 Modbus RTU Slaves

  • Connect up to 10 Modbus TCP/IP Servers

  • Move up to 100 Groups of 2000 Contiguous Coils or 500 Contiguous Registers to or from your Client device(s)

  • 100 Read & 100 Write Scan lines per Slave supporting up to 125 Registers or 2000 Coils per Scan line

  • Effortless Browser Based Configuration, no programming software is required

  • Simple data translation allows you to manipulate data as it passes between protocols

  • Connect your Modbus RTU Slaves to a Modbus TCP/IP Client

  • Quickly and cost effectively integrate networks

  • No Software to sownload or code to write

  • Simple Browser Based Configuration

  • 460MSMM

    Modbus TCP/IP Client / Modbus RTU Slaves

    The Fastest and Easiest Way to Move Modbus RTU Slave Data to a Modbus TCP/IP Client

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    Get Your Modbus RTU Slave Devices Connected to a Modbus TCP/IP Client

    The 460MSMM moves data between up to 10 Modbus TCP/IP Client Controllers and up to 32 Modbus RTU Slave devices. Modbus register and coil data can be freely moved between your Modbus RTU and Modbus TCP/IP networks.

    How Do I Use the 460MSMM in My Application?

    To your Modbus TCP/IP controller the gateway will look like any other Modbus TCP/IP Server device on the network.  To your Modbus RTU Slaves the gateway acts as a Modbus RTU Master.  In the gateway you configure what data it will read and write from each Slave connection.

    In the translation you are able to map register and coil data from any device to any other device connected to the gateway.  You could (although unlikely) map data from a single Modbus RTU Slave device to 31 other Modbus RTU Slave devices, loop data back to the same device and also send data to 10 Modbus TCP/IP Client devices at the same time.  Most applications simply require the gateway to move Modbus RTU Slave data directly on to Modbus TCP/IP.

    Why Use Real Time Automation as a Gateway Supplier?

    The 460MSMM provides an option to access Modbus RTU Slave devices on your Modbus TCP/IP network.  While there are certainly a number of other companies offering stand alone gateways, there is no one who provides the level of support and service that you receive from RTA. 

    When you call, a live person answers the phone. When you talk with sales, you will get honest answers and recommendations even if that means recommending someone else's solution. When you get support, it is from an engineer who had a hand in the product’s development, and that doesn't require a ticket or 24 hour wait.  We are unashamed of the fact that we are a smaller company because, that means, you mean more to us.  

    Modbus Operation Modes Modbus RTU Master
    Function Codes Supported 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 15 & 16
    Swapping Byte and Word Swapping
    Maximum Modbus RTU Slave Devices 32
    Maximum Read/Write Scan Lines per RTU Slave Device

    200 Total - 100 Reads and 100 Writes

    Scan Line Support Up to 125 Registers or 2000 Coils

    Modbus Operation Modes Modbus TCP/IP Server
    Function Codes Supported 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 15 & 16
    Swapping Byte and Word Swapping
    Maximun Modbus TCP/IP Client Devices 10
    Contiguous Data Areas

    200 Total - 100 Reads and 100 Writes

    Data Areas Limits 2000 Contiguous Coils or 500 Contiguous Registers

    120volt AC Wall Wart Power Supply Manual
    6’ power cable with Flying leads 5 Year Hardware Warranty
    IPSetup software — Automatically locates RTA Gateway on the network Unlimited Firmware Feature Upgrades for Life
    CAT5 Cross over cable for direct connection to PC during programming Complete, Unlimited Access to our Industry Leading Support Staff

    Gateway Security You can configure up to 9 different users access to
    diagnostic and configuration screens.
    Alarming Set <, <=, >=, >, ==, !=, and Change-of-State rules on
    any data moving through the gateway. If alarm rule is
    triggered an email notification can be sent.
    Translation Table Allows for data manipulation during protocol translation.
    Scaling and other data format changes can occur
    in the gateway.
    Status and Counters Protocol specific status, counters and error messages
    are accessible within the gateways diagnostics page.
    They can also be delivered to a connected device.
    Diagnostic Logging
    Allows users to see and log start up sequences, protocol specific messages & error messages.

    Size 4.2” x 3.25” x 1”
    Weight 5 oz.
    Enclosure Type Anodized Aluminum
    Mounting Din Rail or Panel Mount
    LEDs Ethernet Link/Data LED, Ethernet Speed LED, Power LED & 2 general purpose LEDS on side

    Power 8 V @ 230 mA to 28 V @ 80 mA
    Maximum Serial Baud Rate 115K Baud
    Operating Temperature -40 C to 85 C
    Certification RoHS-Compliant, UL, CUL, CE Approvals

    460MSMM Dimensions

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    The Legend Begins
    "It’s likely that your business isn't industrial networking. And it shouldn't be. You make products, products that do wonderful things. Whatever it is that you make the process creates data. If you're a control engineer and your plants been around for more than a few years your plant floor is probably littered with devices that send out all kinds of data, and in most case data talking in a lot of different protocols. If you're an automation device developer you probably need to move your data into some other network. Either way, you've got a device conversion problem. You have devices that generate ASCII data, Modbus RTU, Ethernet TCP Data, DeviceNet data or some completely proprietary data and now you're the guy that has to move that data to some other network!

    I feel your pain… and better than my sympathy I have a solution for you. You see while your business isn't moving data around the factory floor mine is. In fact it is all we have done for more than twenty years now. Our 460 series of Device Converters line is the culmination of those twenty years. You can now move all of your data, where you want, when you want and how you want. Best of all THE HARDEST PART IS OPENING THE BOX".

    -John Rinaldi

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