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460 Gateway
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  • Web Based Visualization

  • Easy straight forward Browser Based Configuration

  • 10/100 baseT Operation

  • RTA Discovery Tool to automatically locate RTA Instant Device Converters

  • Fully Compliant EtherNet/IP server

  • 100 EtherNet/IP and Modbus TCP Server Integer input Properties

  • 100 EtherNet/IP and Modbus TCP Server Integer output properties

  • Fully configurable Modbus TCP Client

  • Support FC 1,2,3,4,6,16 and 23,

  • Fully configurable device address

  • Eliminate Modbus Legacy Device issues

  • Quickly and Cost effectively integrate networks

  • No Software to Download or Code to write

  • Simple Browser Based Configuration

  • 460ESMC

    EtherNet/IP Scanner / Modbus TCP Server

    The Fastest Way to Move Your Modbus TCP Server Network to a ControlLogix® PLC


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    The Smart Way To Move Modbus TCP Registers and Coils To an EtherNet/IP Client

    The 460ESMC moves registers and coils between a Modbus TCP network of Server devices and an EtherNet/IP Client like a ControlLogix® PLC. There are thousands of Modbus TCP devices in automation systems. These devices include weigh scales, drives, barcode readers and sensors of every type imaginable.

    With the 460ESMC you have a device that you can quickly deploy and easily configure to access and integrate these Modbus devices into your EtherNet/IP network.

    Eliminate Modbus Legacy Device Issues

    You finally have a tool designed to save Modbus TCP devices from the scrap pile.  You can now take any legacy device and connect it to an EtherNet/IP network.  Save time, money and headaches by using proven legacy devices.

    Move Your Data Bi-directionally

    With the 460ESMC module you can both write registers and coils to your Modbus TCP Server network and read from those TCP Servers. Up to 198 Registers of data can be transferred from up to 31 Modbus TCP Server devices.

    Configure Your Data Transfer from a Web Page

    All the data transfer is configurable using the embedded web server. You define the number of Modbus Slave devices. You set one or more configurable groups of registers to transfer from each slave and in what order that those registers are transferred to the EtherNet/IP Client.

    The 460ESMC is the Smart Connection solution for integrating a network of Modbus TCP Server devices with an EtherNet/IP Client.


    How Does It Work?

    The products in the Instant Device Converter product line contain an IEC 61131-3 Control Engine that moves your data between the different network buffers. Input data from one network is moved to the output buffer of one or more other networks. The same principle applies to data moving in the opposite direction.

    Because the unit features a Control Engine the transfer of data can be customized to meet your specific application requirements. Just call 1-800-249-1612 for details.

    Size 4.2” x 3.25” x 1”
    Weight 5 oz.
    Enclosure Type Anodized Aluminum
    Mounting Din Rail

    Port 0: T-Strip (RS232, RS485/RS422, CAN)
    Port 1: DB-9 (RS232, RS485/RS422, CAN)
    **Only one RS232, RS485/RS422, or CAN port setting can be active per unit**
    RJ45 10/100 Base-T (Ethernet)
    2 Pin Barrel Connector

    LEDs Ethernet Link/Data, Ethernet Speed, Power, and two general purpose LEDs

    Network Interface 10/100 Base-T with RJ-45 Connector
    Power 8 V @ 230 mA to 28 V @ 80 mA
    Maximum Serial Baud Rate 115K Baud
    Device IP Address Management IPSetup™ — automatically locates RTA Instant Device Converters
    Operating Temperature -40 C to 80 C
    Certification RoHS-Compliant, UL, CUL, CE Approvals


    460MSMM Dimensions

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    The Legend Begins
    "It’s likely that your business isn't industrial networking. And it shouldn't be. You make products, products that do wonderful things. Whatever it is that you make the process creates data. If you're a control engineer and your plants been around for more than a few years your plant floor is probably littered with devices that send out all kinds of data, and in most case data talking in a lot of different protocols. If you're an automation device developer you probably need to move your data into some other network. Either way, you've got a device conversion problem. You have devices that generate ASCII data, Modbus RTU, Ethernet TCP Data, DeviceNet data or some completely proprietary data and now you're the guy that has to move that data to some other network!

    I feel your pain… and better than my sympathy I have a solution for you. You see while your business isn't moving data around the factory floor mine is. In fact it is all we have done for more than twenty years now. Our 460 series of Device Converters line is the culmination of those twenty years. You can now move all of your data, where you want, when you want and how you want. Best of all THE HARDEST PART IS OPENING THE BOX".

    -John Rinaldi

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