BACnet/IP for KAM Power Meters

The Easiest Way to Move KAM Power Meter Data to BACnet/IP

Get Your KAM Digital Power Meter Data on BACnet/IP
The 460MMBS-KAM moves power and energy data between one or more KAM Power Meters and BACnet/IP Clients like Johnson Controls Metasys. With Energy costs rising and increased concern about energy and power quality, more and more building managers need access to the real time energy and power data collected by KAM Meters. Managers want to access that data over BACnet/IP, the networking standard for commercial building automation. The 460MMBS-KAM is perfect for this task. In fact, it’s been designed solely to move data from KAM Meters to BACnet-based Building Automation systems.

With the 460MMBS-KAM you have a device that can be quickly deployed and easily configured to integrate KAM Power Meters into Your BACnet Building Automation System.

No Nasty Configuration Headaches
The 460MMBS-KAM comes pre-programmed ready to be integrated. A user editable profile automatically maps many of the important KAM Modbus registers to BACnet Analog points. You simply select the Modbus address for each KAM Meter. If your application requires additional KAM Registers you can simply edit and reload the profile to access other KAM data points. In Most Apps There’s No Need To Look At The KAM Register List!

Some BACnet Clients, like Metasys require more than just data values. To meet this need the KAM profile includes tag names, unit designations and scaling factors for each KAM register. These tag strings and automatic scaling factors are easily customized for your application by editing the KAM profile.

Move Your Data Bi-directionally
You can both receive energy data from your KAM Power Meter and send new control parameters to the Meter from your BACnet/IP Client.

Configure Your Data Transfer from a Web Page
No special software is required. The unit is completely configurable using your Browser.

How Does It Work?
The products in the Instant Device Converter product line contain an IEC 61131-3 Control Engine that moves your data between the different network buffers. Input data from one network is moved to the output buffer of one or more other networks. The same principle applies to data moving in the opposite direction.

Because the unit features a Control Engine the transfer of data can be customized to meet your specific application requirements. Just call 1-800-249-1612 for details.



  • 120 volt AC Wall Wart Power Supply
  • Manual
  • 6’ power cable with Flying leads
  • 5 Year Hardware Warranty
  • IPSetup software — Automatically locates RTA Gateway on the network
  • Unlimited Firmware Feature Upgrades for Life
  • CAT5 Cross over cable for direct connection to PC during programming
  • Complete, Unlimited Access to our Industry Leading Support Staff

Modbus RTU

Modbus RTU Master Features

Modbus Operation Modes
Modbus RTU Master

Function Codes Supported

1,2,3,4,5,6,15 & 16

Byte and Word Swapping

Maximum Modbus RTU Slave Devices

Number Read/Write Scan Lines per RTU Slave Device
200 Total - 100 reads & 100 writes

Scan Line Support
Up to 125 Registers or 512 Coils


BACnet/IP Server Features

BACnet/IP Operation Modes
BACnet/IP Server

Supported Object Types
Device, Binary I/O, Analog I/O, Character String Value

Supported Service Codes
Read & Read Multiple-B, Write & Write Multiple-B, COV & COV unsolicited-B, Device Dynamic Binding, Dynamic Object Binding-B, Device Communication Control-B

Maximum Connections

Analog Objects Supported
1200 Input and 1200 Output

Binary Objects Supported
1600 Input and 1600 Output


Electrical / Environmental

DC Input Voltage
24 VDC @ 125 mA
Maximum Baud Rate
115K Baud
Operating Temperature
-40 C to 85 C
RoHS-Compliant, UL, CUL, CE Approvals, Class 1 Div 2

Enclosure / Hardware

4.2” x 3.25” x 1”
5 oz.
Enclosure Type
Anodized Aluminum
Din Rail or Panel Mount
Ethernet Link/Data LED, Ethernet Speed LED, Power LED, & 2 general purpose LEDS on side


Gateway Security

You can configure up to 9 different users access to diagnostic and configuration screens.


Set <, <=, >=, >, ==, !=, and Change-of-State rules on any data moving through the gateway. If alarm rule is triggered an email notification can be sent.

Translation Table

Allows for data manipulation during protocol translation. Scaling and other data format changes can occur in the gateway.

Status and Counters

Protocol specific status, counters and error messages are accessible within the gateways diagnostics page. They can also be delivered to a connected device.

Diagnostic Logging Page

Allows users to see and log start up sequences, protocol specific messages & error messages.