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About our Founder, John Rinaldi

John Rinaldi founded Real Time Automation Inc. back in 1988. Twenty years later he and the team at RTA have become leading developers in the Industrial Automation industry. John gained experience in industrial automation working for companies such as Kimberly Clark, Procter and Gamble and Rockwell Automation. He spent his time integrating products and systems with hundreds of features, thousand page manuals, and countless headaches that only needed to perform a simple function in an application. One day it dawned on him. No one offers simple solutions that do just one thing, the only thing you need them to do. Why pay for and try to wield a three-inch thick Swiss army knife when all you need is a butter knife? That was a turning point.

With this new found view on things, John went out on his own. He found the best engineers he could find and gave them one task. "Create solutions so simple to use, the hardest part of their integration is opening the box." Twenty years later that goal is still at the heart of every project RTA takes on.

John Rinaldi's Blog:
The Real Time John Rinaldi

The Other John Rinaldis
Believe it or not, there is more than one John Rinaldi in the world.

One of them goes by the name Li'l John Rinaldi and performed comedic skits on Cleveland's Channel 8. Below is a 1979 clip of his hilarious antics.

S3 John Rinaldi
Next we have Lighting Designer John Rinaldi of Stage Light Design. He's credited as being one of the first UK customers to take delivery of a Jands Vista S3 lighting console. We say he's the first guy to take on John's recognizable hair style.

This guy adopted the moniker "Chicken" John Rinaldi and ran for 2nd place in San Francisco's 2007 Mayoral race. He successfully lost the race. Chicken John now spends his time organizing Burning Man festivals.
Chicken John Rinaldi

Last we have the most troublesome imposter to date. This John Rinaldi founded Fake Time Automation and is our #1 competitor.
Evil John Rinaldi
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